Kathy Saxondale
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  • After Rebecca (Stage Musical): Effie Downpillow, Millennium Centre, Musical Works Productions
  • Two Fat Ladies (Short): Janine Allen, Joe O'Hare, IFSW
  • Pluck (Short): Mother, Whitney Branning, IFSW
  • Adventures of Arthur (Short): Mother, Ndidi Spencer, IFSW
  • Desire (Feature): Lead:Vivien Leigh, Talking Picture Company, US (Preproduction)
  • NHS Direct Wales: Website Presenter English/Welsh
  • The Squelch (Video): Mother, Massive Horse
  • Foundation Arts, University of South Wales: Distinction


  • See Me Stopping Here (Short): Matilda, Jordan Wallace
  • Casualty (Series 27): Celia, Jewish Mother, BBC
  • Gino (Short): Grieving Jewish Mother, Tom Ludlum
  • Shrinking Planet (Video): Ellen Ripley, Electric Six/Massive Horse
  • OAZ Nan (Feature): Zombie Slaying Mum, Tudor Productions
  • Deadbeat (TV Pilot): Stephanie, ISFW
  • The Book of Xavier (Short): Meghan Chambers,agent,Noble Cinema
  • The Waiting Room (Short): Sue, cold hearted nurse, Artswork Media
  • En Pointe (Short): Mme Poyet, Ballet Teacher, ISFW
  • Aniridia (Short): Edwyna, gallery owner, ISFW
  • Everyone Loves a Welsh Girl (Short) : Veronica: Ultra religious mother, ISFW
  • Home Invasion (Short) : Mother, Lone Wolf TV
  • Bei-Ling Burlesque (Stage): Merthyr Kitt, Bwcibo Theatr,Cardiff


  • Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (Feature):  Lead: Karen, North Bank Entertainment 
  • Macbeth (Stage): Lady Macbeth,  Cardiff Little Theatre Company
  • Visitor's Visa (Short): Evil Aunt, D J Evans & Emmanuel Okolo
  • Never Let Me Go: The Human League (Music Video) CaseandEwan
  • Getaway (Short) : Dawn - Mother of dying boy, High Tide Productions
  • Rory and Ray (Short): Mother, Daniel Cripps
  • Ties That Bind (Short) : Mother of boxer, Newport Film School
  • London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art : Bronze Award - Distinction


  • Chicken Bones (Music Video) Midlake : Secretary getting mugged, CaseyandEwan
  • I wanna Go To Marz (Music Video) Midlake : Doctor, CaseyandEwan
  • Apples (short) : Irate neighbour, Clipbored, Daniel Cripps
  • Licence to Lead (Short) : Mrs Williams, Widow, Creative Academi
  • Listen Dr Woo (Internet): Mrs Wallaby, Mad Receptionist, Dave Wong


  • Zucco (Stage) : Mother of psychopathic killer, Actor's Workshop
  • The King and I (Musical) : Lady Thiang, Millennium CentreOpus One Productions
  • Consequences (Short) : Nerys McCarthy, mother of drug dealer,Creative Academi
  • What You Need (Music Video) Tiga : Housewife, Cassiano PradoAgile Films
  • The Stranger (Short) : Rita, betrayed wife of dead son, Papilonmexy
  • BCS Corporate Video: Business Woman
  • Chloe and the Pool (Short): Posh Lady, Martin Gulnov, IFSW


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